Thursday, August 20, 2009

A good thing...

I have found it difficult to write about the good things in my life as many self-help writers have suggested. But in the last few days lots of good things have happened, so maybe this is the place to write about them:
First, I found out that after all the years of teaching, I can now retire with a sufficient income! No more worrying about living in a cardboard box and sharing dog food with Stanley! What a relief this is!
Second. I have been surrounded recently by fabulous friends who are so much fun and are so helpful!
Third, i got my car fixed by the nicest man who is so organized and is (I think) very cheap and good.
And fourth, I went to a fast food restaurant and used the facilities before ordering. Some how, I caught my finger in a the door (?) and when I went to order, I realized I was bleeding. I ordered the iced tea and then was going to go look for a napkin. The young woman behind the counter came around as I was l looking for a napkin and brought me a bandaid, and even put it on me! I just was amazed at that small act of compassion!
and the band aid was blue!

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